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Louise Stewart – Chair
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Louise is the Director of service delivery for a national drug and alcohol charity and has a 20 year career in social care.


Louise has worked in areas such as homelessness and mental health. For the last 13 years she has worked in drug, alcohol & recovery specifically.

Although Louise has a national role currently, she remains passionate about the ongoing development of North West Recovery Communities.

Louise has worked hard to create sustainable pathways in to employment and other opportunities for people with lived experience of recovery and feels strongly that people can thrive in their communities free from discrimination and stigma. Louise loves working in collaboration with other people and organisations and in building and sustaining relationships and knows that when we work together the possibilities are endless.

Debbie Gavan – Vice Chair

Debbie is currently a Deputy Chief Executive Officer for a voluntary charity, who deliver befriending, mentoring and family support throughout Lanarkshire.

Debbie has over 28 years professional experience working within Health & Social Care in various roles.

Debbie has a strong passion and significant experience personally and professionally of supporting others in the recovery field. Further, she is extremely passionate and committed to her role within NWRC and her passion for our service did not just start here, Debbie was previously a volunteer within the NWRC drop in services.

Natalie Manly

Natalie is a Recovery Community Development Officer for a national recovery charity.

Natalie has a long background of working in recovery communities and previously worked at NWRC as the Volunteer Development Coordinator.

Natalie loves event management and in her current role has worked on Recovery Walk Scotland and a range of events from carnivals to conversation cafes.

Natalie is passionate about spreading the message that recovery is possible for everyone and believes in a wide range of recovery options being available for people, to support people on a journey of self-discovery as part of their recovery journey.

Richard Watson

“North West Recovery Communities has been such an important part of my own recovery journey that I am honored to be part of the board. The volunteering, training and opportunities I got being a part of the recovery community lead me into a unique role at the DWP and I hope that my experience with employability paths can help others shape their own recovery. Now approaching my 8th year in recovery, I have left the civil service and now work helping develop family recovery across Scotland with SFAD (Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs) again, I hope this helps support a whole family approach within NWRC. I look forward to seeing NWRC grow as charity, help even more people and make recovery visible”

Joanna Frame

Joanna is a Senior Addiction Worker for North West Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service.

Joanna has over 20 years’ experience working in this service. Prior to this, Joanna volunteered at The Samaritans and also worked as a part time Youth Worker in North Glasgow for many years.

Joanna loves her job and remains passionate about supporting people within front line services.  She is enjoying the new challenge of being a Board Member at NW Recovery Communities, a charity which she has worked closely with for some time.

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